Our vision, as students of the New Media Institute at UGA was to design a product that will help consumers during their everyday routines using voice technology. We completed that vision with InterviewBot, an interactive action designed to prepare students for job interviews by asking specific interview questions and quizzing the users on the company.


When we started this project, we knew we wanted to tailor our action towards improving the lives of college students. Being that the majority of us are seniors about to graduate, we figured the most optimal action we could create would be one that assists students in preparing for upcoming job interviews. Now, you can practice for that big interview without even having to leave the comfort of your own home!


Introducing InterviewBot, the first Google Assistant Action designed to simulate mock interviews using a Google Home device.

Interactive Voice Action

to help you feel like you're talking to a real person

Open-Ended Answer Capability

allows for richer, more developed responses to questions


allows this action to go anywhere you need it to!

Easy to Access

on any Google Assistant device; simply ask to 'Talk to InterviewBot'

interviewbot google home action

Monthly Conversations


Practice and prepare for interviews from the comfort of your own home

Feel confident about your answers BEFORE the interview

Be ready to answer any question thrown at you in an interview


For questions, comments, or more info, click the button below and reach out to the InterviewBot Team.


How can InterviewBot help me?

The action is meant to prompt individuals with commonly asked interview questions in order to better prepare them for future interviews and the questions that come with them. Question types range from general questions about yourself to behavioral questions and even to questions about the comany.

Is InterviewBot free?

As an action published to the Google Assistant Directory, InterviewBot is 100% free to use. Simply say "Talk to InterviewBot" to your Google Assistant device and you can access the action.

How do I use the action?

Simply follow the prompts for the action and at the end of every interview answer, be sure to say “Thanks InterviewBot” in order to move onto the next question.

My Google Home didn't pick up my voice command/answer. What do I do?

Repeat yourself and follow the prompts to try to get back on track. If it still doesn’t pick up, try resetting your Home or going to a more quiet place.